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Freelance Foundations is a free freelance training course to get you thinking about your freelance career and setting solid foundations from the start.
Freelance Foundations Ben Matthews ·August 3, 2019

About Freelance Foundations

Freelance Foundations is a free freelance training course to get you thinking about your freelance career and setting solid foundations from the start.

Focussing on the Five Whys (why, what, who, where and how) this course will help you answer some key questions that will give you a sure start and increased confidence that you’re doing things right from the beginning.

Why this course rocks ?

Let me ask you a few questions:

  • Do you want to learn to build a freelance business that is 100% professional?
  • Do you want to be confident that your freelance career will be a success from the start?
  • Are you tired of feeling that you’ll never make it as a freelancer?

If your answer is YES, then this is the perfect course for you!

It gives you a deep understanding of what it takes to get started as a freelancer while keeping you fully engaged along the way. You’ll learn to answer five fundamental questions about why you want to start freelancing. Each one will take your understanding of why you want to freelance in the first place to a new level.

The best learning experience for freelancers

To ensure that the knowledge sticks with you, you are given interactive assignments as you progress. It’s as if you have a freelance coach every step of the way and you’re working out your ambitions together!

This kind of fast-paced learning simply isn’t possible with any other platform than FreeTrain. And if you get stuck, you have access to the our freelance community to ask questions and get valuable advice.

What freelancers say

“This course rocks! You guys nailed it. Kudos to the telling and showing of real cases. Genius. And the activities are great.”

— Trey Bush

“Fantastic content, excellent format, very engaging, interesting materials, and just plain fun. This is one of the best free courses for freelancers I’ve taken online.”

— Fred Wilmott

Freelance Foundation FAQs

What is FreeTrain?

FreeTrain empowers freelancers like you to increase productivity, learn best practices, and grow your business.

FreeTrain has courses for anyone that is learning to become a better freelancer. FreeTrain’s courses are designed with the modern freelancer in mind, meaning you’ll be able to meet your client’s challenges – whatever they throw at you.

We use the strategies and skills that we’ll teach you everyday and hope you will too.

Is the course really free?

Yes, it’s completely free! You just need to signup to FreeTrain to take part.

Do these lessons expire?

No, once you sign up we’ll give you access to the content forever.

Will I get a certificate?

Yes, you’ll get a certificate with the name of the course sent via email. The certificate is not professionally endorsed by a a certifying organisation, but you will have proof that you successfully completed the course.

I have already taken these courses. Am I eligible for a certificate?

If you completed the course requirements, you will receive an email with the Freelance Foundation Certificate via email. If you haven’t received that email or if you have any questions at all, please reach out to us via [email protected].

How does FreeTrain work:

  1. Through a series of 3-5 minute long lessions, we illustrate important freelance skills and mindsets. Then we show you how to take action.
  2. We believe in learning by doing. Assignments invite members to try their new skills in both online activities and offline through real-world projects.
  3. Sharing deepens learning. Learners complete assignments on their own, but then share with others across the FreeTrain community to get feedback.
  4. Reflecting on new learnings makes them stick. Learners begin thinking about how to incorporate their new skills into their day-to-day freelance work.

Will my work or assignments be reviewed by an instructor

The Freelance Foundations course consist of interactive activities, project challenges, and feedback from experienced guides and a community of like-minded freelancers. While we cannot guarantee that every assignment will be reviewed by a member of FreeTrain, you are encouraged to reach out to other members on the community discussion boards. We also encourage you to reach out to the FreeTrain community to hear others’ ideas.

I have another question!

Sure! Just send us an email at [email protected]

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