Freelance info you need for 2015’s Massive Monday

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Today is #MassiveMonday, the most popular day of the year for people looking for a new career, according to Metro and the Times. For many, Massive Monday is a time that they seriously think about going freelance and they’ll be looking for freelance info to help them make the jump to freelancing.

If you’re thinking the same, then you should use your Massive Monday to get the ball rolling. But what is freelancing actually like? And how do you find work, win clients and get paid?

To get to the bottom of what it’s actually like to freelance, PolicyBee ran a survey of 2,000 freelancers. Here’s what they found:

  • 17.3% revealed they had problems with accounting or other paperwork
  • 41.8% of our freelancers had experienced problems finding clients at some point.
  • Two thirds of freelancers spent more time at work than their full time employed equivalents.

That’s a lot of challenges.

To help address these challenges, I’ve pulled together the best articles on freelancing in the past year, containing tips, ideas and advice from some of the best of the best from the freelancing world.

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Win more clients

Retain great clients

Generate recurring revenue

Freelance tools and services

General freelance info

That should be enough freelance info to get you started in 2015!

Got a link you think would be useful for others? Leave it in the comments below and I’ll add it to the list.

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