FS asked 8 months ago

I’m just about to start my freelance business and have looked around at other examples of freelancer’s CVs. They have quite a number of years on their profile and although I have lots of experience in working with other companies, none have been as a freelancers so far. How would I present myself as a newbie and would I need to mention my day rate?

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FreeTrain answered 8 months ago

Hi FS, 
I wouldn’t recommend adding your day rate to your CV – this would limit your day rate and you might be able to negotiate a higher rate depending on the client.
Better to have a dazzling CV with lots of experience, then make them meet your day rate or even exceed it if they really want you!
I wouldn’t worry about the other companies not being as a freelance – people just want to know you can get the job done and get the job done well.
Show the value you’ve brought to those previous jobs and what you’ve delivered – that will help you get your first freelance role and you can then add that to your CV – after you’ve done an excellent job of course.
Good luck!

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