Community Freelance Foundations Task 1: Why Freelance? Reply To: Task 1: Why Freelance?

  • Kevin

    July 25, 2020 at 10:25 am

    There are a variety of reasons why I’m joining Freelance. One of them is about flexibility it does offer. Freelancing can be a nice job especially to a person like me.It will not confine me to one place but I can work from wherever I am. The second reason why I’m joining freelance is because it has always been one of my dreams following some success stories from friends who are freelancer. The third reason why I’m joining freelancing is because I’m really in need of a side hustle and I know it can be the best. Finally freelancing can give me the power to grow more in business especially online business.

    Actually I want my freelance business to achieve certain important things in my life. First I want it to help me achieve financial freedom. Second, I want freelancing help me empower more other people like me. Third I want freelancing help me achieve my dream of being my own boss. 

    To keep my current work going together with freelancing I can be innovative enough to find a way in which freelancing can go hand in hand with my work. Like if I’m a tutor I can create contents dealing with my area of specification.

    The audience I’m targeting mostly are the youths who are majorly students.