Community Freelance Foundations Task 1: Why Freelance? Reply To: Task 1: Why Freelance?

  • Stuart

    September 11, 2019 at 8:34 pm

    I made the decision to go freelance as a result of necessity and desire. The training company that I had been working for dissolved and the writing team was downsized significantly. I grew increasingly dissatisfied and disconnected, both from work and life in general. It was quite obvious that I needed a fresh challenge.

    The first couple of months of my freelancing career have had their ups and downs. I’ve enjoyed the challenge of writing about a range of subjects and adapting my writing to different channels. However, there have been some concerns about the level of income and need to continuously market my services in order to win new contracts. I am hoping that it will become easier as word spreads about the quality of my writing services.

    I would like to reach the point where I have a solid and reliable freelance income. However, I realise that this will take some time and a considerable amount of work on my part. I am also hopeful of building a network and connecting with others in the freelance community.

    As it is still fairly early in my freelancing career I am open to all sorts of work opportunities. However, the areas that I am focusing on are sports, business training, digital marketing, and mental health/wellness. I offer a variety of freelance copywriting services, as can be seen on my website –