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  • Ben

    August 29, 2019 at 8:05 pm

    Hi Maria, great question!

    Keeping the strategy work separate is a definite – this can eat up a lot of time and is higher value than the community management work, so should be prices higher accordingly. For example, you might charge €1,500-2,000 for a social media strategy doc.

    Then for the other activity you mention, it’s worth creating a budget spreadsheet with a new line for each piece of activity you’ll undertake, with a breakdown of the hours you’ll spend each month and the cost for that activity.

    So, using the activities you outline and an example day rate of €300 per day, you might put in the budget spreadsheet:

    – Content creation: 2 days per month, €600

    – Design: 1 day per month, €300

    – Content scheduling: 1 day per month, €300

    – Community management: 2 days per month, €600

    – Ad creation, optimisation and management: 2 days per month, €600

    – Reporting: 0.5 days per month, €150

    Total = 10.5 days per month, €2,550 (if my maths is correct!)

    You might also want to add in a line for account management, including phone calls, meetings and emails, as these can add up.

    As to how many posts per day or week you agree to, that’s up to you and depends on the client. You might say 3x Facebook posts a week, 3x Instagram, 2x LinkedIn and 5x Twitter for example, but that really depends on what industry and what the client expectations are.

    Hope that helps – I might even create a free budgeting template to download if that would be helpful?