Community Freelance Foundations Task 1: Why Freelance? Reply To: Task 1: Why Freelance?

  • Melissa

    August 27, 2019 at 6:35 pm

    My main reasons for going freelance: Autonomy, Flexibility, Curiosity, and Creativity.

    What I like about my current work (not freelancing yet): Learning new shit (ehem, skills), testing my knowledge, and of course, the funny stories.

    I want my new freelance business to give me the freedom to work remotely and independently. I want to have autonomy over every project I undertake. I want to travel the world dedicating every sensation, encounter, and experience to my craft – earning an income in the process.

    Absolutely no interest in scaling up in five years. I will just be lone-wolfing it and adapting my skills to the ever-changing market demands until further notice

    Who do I want to attract? This is a tricky one. I would intuitively say, ‘People like me’. But then I see myself in such a diverse range of people, geographies and interests that it’s fair to say I risk being a jack of all trades, and Mistress of none.

    I am working on defining my niche, but as far as target demographics go, I resonate with:

    – The struggles of living independently from a young age and navigating the kitchen/washing machine/vacuum cleaner without hauling everything over to the mum’s. The dishes I can deliver with the most random of fridge – dwelling leftovers is astounding!

    – Sex and travel: Experience tells me there is a market for this, and I am ripe (still working on the ready) to explore it!

    There are many more, but this assignment is turning into an essay. I will continue to ask myself these questions every day, and keep it at the forefront of my focus.